Thursday, May 19, 2022
(Disciples of Christ)

From the Pastor

     You are always welcome at St. Charles Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) located in New Town, St. Charles, Missouri. While we moved to this location only a few years ago, we have been a spiritual resource and presence in the St. Charles Community for 55 years. We are located at the corner of Hempstead and Rue Royale of New Town near the town center.

     As the Senior Pastor, I invite you to be our guest in worship soon and to stop by during the week to visit or to come to bible study and other activities. Being the only Church Building in New Town, this is the place to gather for many community and church activities such as Cub Scouts, Tiger Scouts, Jr. Girl Scouts and Brownies, blood drives, food drives, prayer groups, healing services, Elementary, Middle and High school groups, mission trips, Game Time, Business Club meetings, bell choir, singing choir, other musical opportunities, and special church activities. I am excited about being at St Charles Christian Church and getting to know the congregation and community and would love to get to know you.

     This congregation is a healthy, spiritual community. It is one where everyone--children, youth and adults--are expected to help in the work of the church. It is a church where people care about and take care of one another. It can be a spiritual home even if your own experience of family and home was not a healthy and loving place. This is a healing and a growing place. Come for a visit, to get to know us and decide for yourself whether you can find faith and hope here.

     If you are looking for a close connection to holiness, or a deeper relationship to God, we think this Christian Church is a place where that can happen. If you have only heard silence when you have asked questions about the meaning of life; if you have been dissatisfied with the answers you have heard from other sources, whether culture, media, friends or even other churches; if life has been confusing, complicated or even painful, we think there can be help for you here. Each of us has experienced healing, welcome, or a sense of peace and blessing as we have been a part of this congregation. We think you can find that solace and hope if you were to join with us on the spiritual journey of your life. In fact, we believe that you cannot truly be a spiritual person unless you are religious and participate in a community of faith like this church. 

     Whether it has been in studying the Bible, caring for one another, singing with joy, praying for peace, collecting food for the needy, or teaching children about Jesus, we have found many ways for there to be opportunity for the Spirit of God to speak to our souls. It has happened to us. We think it can happen to you at St. Charles Christian Church.


We welcome you,

Rev. Chris Franklin