Thursday, May 19, 2022
(Disciples of Christ)

Learning Discipleship--Children & Youth


Kids are important to us!

      It is our desire to provide a safe and exciting experience for every child who comes to our church. We hope our children will find that learning is fun and that adults who share with them are loving and trusting. It is our goal that they will learn God's love through relationships developed here. Jesus reminds us to "Love God...and to love our neighbor as we do ourselves." 


      We have the Nursery and Toddler Rooms staffed with adults during second service only (10:45-11:45 a.m.) . Your child's safety and comfort is our prime responsibility and concern while you worship with us.  


       The core of our Sunday School curriculum is based around a movie set concept – BIG CITY STUDIO.  This provides us an exciting and dynamic platform to engage the youth in active learning and exploration of the Bible.   Through the weeks, they will have opportunities to:

•perform informal drama’s depicting the Bible lesson of the week (no preparation required)
•meet our adult characters (Heather DeShay, Joe Nitro and Haywood) that drop in most weeks with a life application IMPACT SKIT based on the lesson of the day
•participate in high energy game shows that are fun for the kids, but also allow us a platform to ensure they are absorbing the message
•participate in periodic craft design
•praise and worship through song – occasionally to be shared with the congregation in Big Church
•try their hand at fun games meant to give them a break during the hour  
•the upper youth study main stream Christian movies, such as Soul Surfer to learn the biblical base and life lessons
•enjoy our periodic God Rocks lesson that helps bring the Bible lesson to life for the kids through the experiences of a teenage rock band
•periodically prepare for large plays to be presented as a special service or as the sermon (e.g., Christmas Play, etc.)
•and much more. 

     Also, to ensure a family friendly atmosphere that creates connections across all ages,   We generally start and/or end together for Praise & Worship in our main classroom (with the red curtains).  Over the years we have seen great bonds develop across the age groups.  However, we also recognize that there is benefit to age focused groups to allow for the best delivery of the message to the kids and ensure their development, engagement and learning.  Therefore, for the main lesson (dramas, game show, etc.), we break the kids into four groups:       



Breakout Room



Toddler & Nursery Rooms


Lil' Lights

Start on “the Set” in the main  Big City Studio room



Art Room 

IGNITE (Teens)

                Teen Cave                

•Note:  5th Graders have the option to graduate after Christmas break to help them develop trusted friendships with others in Middle School and ease their transition at school.

     We also believe in developing a future generation of contagious, Christian leaders here,  so you will also see the older Youth guided to take on important roles in our classrooms and in Big Church.  For example: camera crew, AV support in Sunday School, reading scripture in Big Church, leading the game shows for the Elementary kids, taking attendance, collecting offering, assisting the 'Lil Dove leader, sharing the lesson for the day in Sunday School, participating in the adult Impact Skit, etc.





     Every first Sunday of the month we have Family Sunday, where the whole worship service is geared towards children.   


Come play with us!  Come pray with us!

 Come grow with us!