Thursday, May 19, 2022
(Disciples of Christ)

Making a Difference


Would you like to spend your time helping others in your community who have special needs?     

You can volunteer to help with one of these projects along with us.


  1. Provide homes for low income needy by building on a HABITAT FOR HUMANITY home. We usually work on the third Friday of every month. Contact: Cleo Estill at ccestill@charter.net
  2. Provide building supplies by donating your leftover building, painting, or plumbing supplies to the RE-STORE for Habitat for Humanity. Often volunteers are needed to help run the store. Contact: Cleo Estill at ccestill@charter.net



  1. Donate School Supplies, (or hats and mittens) to the children of ORCHARD FARM ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. Either bring your donation to the Church or contact: Carolyn Hulbert at hulbertec@yahoo.com.
  2. Donate gently used clothes for work to the unemployed who are seeking a job or donate your time to sort clothing at CONNECTIONS TO SUCCESS. Contact Janie Bliss at janiebliss@att.net.


 Witness how much SCCC touched the lives of so many people to share God's love last year through donations to the Missions fund and through inkind donations:  

We provided meat and sides for families at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

Through the Christmas Jar change given on Sundays, a donations from the can collections, and a donation from CWF we were able to help three families with Christmas.  

During the bitter cold last winter we gave a special donation to shelter the homeless and provided 100 meals for homeless individuals.  

With your donations of throws, instant soup, socks etc., several hundred 'Totes of Hope' were packed for the homeless through the St. Charles Ministerial Alliance.

Connections to Success received clothing donations and four to six volunteers were there each month to help sort clothing.

Schools supplies and backpacks were provided to Orchard Farm School district, as well as mittens and gloves.

SEGA received funds from our church each month to help with the broader ministry.

Jeans were given to United Methodist Church for their 'Showers of Blessing' program, which provides a place for the homeless to shower.

Thirty-two pints of blood were donated.

Seven people made a mission trip to Joplin to help a Disciples Church complete housing for future volunteers.

There are some nails in Habitat Homes because of our church.

Thank you all for your generosity in helping to spread the love of God.

We can always use you on our team at SCCC!