Thursday, May 19, 2022
(Disciples of Christ)


To record the priceless memories created on your wedding day, it is important that you choose a professional photographer with good credentials, as well as artistic ability. It is equally important that your photographer have a temperament conducive to creating and maintaining a joyful atmosphere and that he/she understands our policies and time schedule and agrees to abide by them. It will be the responsibility of the couple to instruct the photographer that no flash photography is permissible in the Sanctuary after the processional and before the recessional. A timed exposure of the ceremony may be taken from the balcony or back of the Sanctuary or Chapel. Photographers are to remain as unobtrusive as possible by not positioning themselves between your guests and the chancel. They may not walk up and down any of the aisles during the processional, ceremony or recessional. During the processional and recessional, photos may be taken three or four rows down the center aisle from the back. Other photographs may be taken before or following the ceremony either in the Sanctuary or Chapel, or on the outside grounds within your scheduled time. 


Your ceremony may be videotaped from the balcony and/or chancel using available light only. When videotaping from the chancel, a tripod must be used and the videographer may not be seen. Videographers must approve where they would like to set up with the Wedding Facilitator prior to setting up their equipment. Videographers will not be allowed to plug into the audio systems of the Sanctuary or Chapel.