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Wedding Policy & Fees


St. Charles Christian Church

Wedding Policy for Non-Members

Sanctuary Usage Fee:   $500.00

A deposit of $250.00 is necessary to have your wedding date put temporarily on the official church calendar. The balance ($250.00) will be due within 60 days to permanently hold the wedding date. The fee includes: rehearsal time available on Fridays. Your check should be made out to St. Charles Christian Church and should be hand delivered or mailed to the church office.  


Contact minister for pricing and availability.

Clean-Up Fee:   $100.00

The church must be left in a condition suitable for Worship services on the following day. 

Minister:    $150.00 minimum

The Minister is to receive a minimum honorarium of $150.00. A generous range to consider is $150-$300. If you wish to use someone other than the Minister of this congregation, you need to be in conversation with the Wedding Coordinator. 

Wedding Coordinator:  $150.00 minimum

You must meet with our church Wedding Coordinator as soon as possible following the setting of your wedding date. This person will help you coordinate use of facilities and church personnel. 

Keyboardist:  Consult Wedding Coordinator

If you wish to use a musician other than our church keyboardist, consult with the Wedding Coordinator.

A/V Technician:  $50.00

If you wish to use the church sound system, you must use one of the churches A/V specialists.

The totality of your wedding fees must be paid and in the church office 30 days prior to your wedding date. 

Other Important Information:

  • No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the church premises at any time.

  • Video may be taken during the ceremony from designated locations.

  • The use of rice, confetti or other items to throw and or releasing of balloons are prohibited. (Blowing bubbles and releasing butterflies are good options!) 

If you have questions regarding any other specifics regarding your wedding, they can be addressed by the Wedding Coordinator.

Minister: Rev. Chris Franklin (636-947-1821)

Wedding Coordinator: Casey Hulbert (636-352-7672)

Church Office: 636-947-1821 (ask for Sherry)


Last Revised: January 2017