Diane is the pianist for the traditional worship services. Unlike Carolyn, a talented classically trained musician, Diane comes from years of serving in music ministry in evangelical churches and has a deep knowledge of classic hymns. As an adult, her interests turned more to singing and she was involved in choirs, barbershop choruses, and harmonizing with her friends. Her favorite singing place is around a campfire because Peg knows all the camp songs and Diane knows all the old hymns and choruses.

Diane believes strongly in the power of music to enhance worship services and daily living. So much of a normal Christian’s theology comes from the songs they have heard since childhood. It is a great way to put scriptures in a form that is easy to carry with you each day. While you will hear beloved old hymns in the service, Diane mixes it up with gospels, praise songs and the use of other media to support the day’s message. So, she is always on the lookout for members that want to participate in solos, groups, dramatic readings, and anything that will enhance the service and give glory to God. A particular wish list includes reestablishing the bell choir because it is easy and musical without needing a good voice AND it is a group activity.