Greetings in the name of the Lord!

I am the Intentional Interim Minister, which is a fine title for the person who comes and stays with a church for a period of time and helps the church to prepare themselves for calling a new, long term settled minister. What does that mean, you may be asking yourselves? Simply put, I am the minister, the main preacher, the one who is in the office daily, the person who comes and visits you when you are in the hospital or are homebound. 

I love the CHURCH and I want to see every church become its best self in the community, the world, and amongst its members. So, Pastor Craig is here at St. Charles Christian Church. Here to walk with you all, and I mean ALL, in this time between settled pastors. 

Worship is a very important part of our life together at St. Charles Christian Church, but equally important is our calling to serve God in the community and in the world. A FEW of those service areas include, collecting food for a local pantry, hosting an annual Easter Egg hunt, gathering for Bible Study weekly and supporting through our tithes and offerings the work of Missionaries and NGO’s around the globe.

So, a final word from me, the Interim Pastor: We hope to see you soon at St. Charles Christian Church! If you cannot make our worship times in person, join us for worship on both YouTube andFacebook each week.

Serving in God’s House-

Pastor Craig Kirby-Grove